CNN and Asteroid

CNN anchor sounds like Sarah Palin. She asked a stupid question to Bill Nye the science guy, ‘did global warming cause the Asteroid that will soon fy past Earth?’ Bill Nye did not laugh, but others did. Some said, ‘Makes me wonder if a basic intelligence evaluation should be required of reporters. Pretty dismal demonstration of current news dialogue.’ ‘The last time I saw a picture of Al Gore he looked like HE was the asteroid.’ ‘had this been a fox news anchor this article would be longer and nye would have been more d!ckish.’ ‘You can tap dance around her lack of intelligence all day long, but you can’t fix stupid.’ ‘Wow I applaud Nye for not laughing out loud and embarrassing the host. I doubt I could constrain myself like that.’ ‘Must resist urge to make any stereotypical jokes about blonds and their intelligence.’ ‘This is why people trained only in journalism should never cover science issues. Surely there are scientists capable of reading copy?’
The anchor asked a stupid question. True. Sometimes they do on behalf of stupid audience because the stupid audience feel comfortable and continue watching TV! You can forgive the stupid anchor if a brilliant guy is chosen to give a brilliant answer.

You can question like Sarah Palin but you should not answer like Sarah Palin. If you do, you CNN will lose your credibility, and become just FOX news.

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