Disposable Penis!

Have you ever heard of disposable penis? It exists.


It is Chromodoris reticulata. It loses but re-grows and re-uses its penis. You don’t believe me? Please read it.

The little sea slugs are “simultaneous hermaphrodites”, they have both male and female sexual organs and can use them both at the same time.

Sea slugs are not the only animal who lose their penis. Orb weaver spiders also lose their penis after sex. They lose penis, but it grows again. Why do they have to lose penis if it has to regrow? A very valid question. Scientists say:

‘In the first act of copulation the penis may be used to remove any sperm left by any competitors that its partner has mated with.
With the first penis and the rival sperm then abandoned – the second penis can be used to inject the sea slug with another dose of its own sperm, ensuring that their genes are the ones that are passed on.’

What if humans had disposable penis? Most likely men will not have disposable penis until women seriously sleep around. How much I wish to see men’s disposable penis!


  1. Rudolf Root says

    “Simultaneous hermaphtodites” … hmmm … this at once raises the question: how the devil do they know what’s the appropriate attire to wear …

  2. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    I can’t even begin to imagine the comfort of being able to abandon or retract a penis. Throw in a similar modification for testes, and this would be a huge winner in my book.

  3. laurie says

    At first glance, disposable penis became “Detachable Penis” and now I can’t get that song out of my head.

    It’s kind of a funny song, though.

  4. The Rose says

    hmmm….they call it the “game” of love, but you say women could “seriously” sleep around….hmmmm :/

    *sounds good to me*

    …..and, Janice in Toronto —-that’s terrible! they should be stuffed and mounted on the wall like antlers!

  5. Urmila Mathonkar says

    Am I born and existing in this world just to satisfy the men who wield their penis like a sword? Am I made just to endure pain for the pleasure of men? Am I considered just a hole and not a whole? Am I to bear the life time of pain – say menstrual pain, sexual pain, child birth pain etc because I have a different anatomy. I wish I had a penis because:

    (1) you can pee standing up
    (2) you don’t bleed once a month
    (3) don’t have to go the gynecologist get pap tests and deal with other female problems
    (4) you don’t have to give birth
    (5) you get more pleasure out of sex
    (6) you don’t get raped
    (7) you don’t get the fishy/unpleasant odour/yeast infections,etc
    (8) I know I would have a big erection haha
    (9) I could know what if feels like to get head
    (10) I would play with myself everyday couple times a day
    (11) I could brag about it being big like all guys do!!
    (12) I wouldn’t get lectured about telling to suck penis and how it is that is not ladylike not to suck it. Disgusting !!
    (13) I can pee on people/off of buildings
    (14) I can see my sex organ

    Alas ! But being a woman I cannot be a man as per my desire. But a man can change his anatomy to be a woman.


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