Gloria Steinem: One of the greatest feminists of our time.

Gloria Steinman speaks about how her personal experience inspired her strong presence in the Women’s Rights Movement.

Gloria talks about Human trafficking, porn v. erotica,the contagion of rights movements etc.


  1. ZincuBadu says

    She does not represent women’s rights any more than Bobby Riggs did. Women already had the right to vote, run for office, work jobs, etc… She’s just angry and anti-male.

    Let me ask, what about the rights of the unborn? The right to life?

    • FairMan says

      You call it pretty straight. I have read of two feminists movements: the Classical (Susan B. Anthony) and the Modern. The Classical movement was about equality (voting, jobs, etc…) and mostly pro-Life. The Modern is mostly about man-bashing and abortion, and portraying women as eternal victims (when they are not). Steinem fits the latter category.

      Classical feminism is a beautiful thing. Modern feminism is ugly and rooted in hatred.

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