How you can support Freethoughtblogs

This network of blogs does not have paywalls and does not have annoying advertisements. The bloggers do not get paid, doing what they do just for the love of it. We also do not have a technical support staff. But running an online site, however lean it is, does have unavoidable costs, such as paying for servers and the like. So where does the money come from to pay for such things?

Basically, PZ Myers over at Pharyngula, one of the founders of the network, does it as a labor of love. He does have a Patreon account and the money that people donate to that account helps to defray the costs.

So if you can afford to give something however small, please go to that Patreon site and make a contribution.



  1. Silentbob says

    I love how when the topic is some way to hate trans people there are 200+ comments.

    And when the topic is providing a platform for your two hundred hateful comments -- *crickets*

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