Even Wall Street welcomes Trump indictment

Donald Trump must have hoped that the stock indices on Wall Street would crash today so that he could claim that they were spooked by his indictment. Instead they went up sharply by about 1.5% which means that investors were pleased by the news.

I am of course being facetious and satirizing the attempts by financial analysts to ‘explain’ the rise and fall of the stock market on factors that have no immediate impact on it. I recall the time when the former Japanese emperor Hirohito, who was very old, would sometimes become ill. Any fall in the stock market would be blamed on that even though no explanation was offered as to why the health of a figurehead head of state of another country would have any impact on financial affairs in the US.


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    I think in this case we can safely say that “investors” or “the markets” took the indictment of Trump as a sign that America was taking at least a small step toward law and order; which is generally seen as good for business (though not necessarily for the firearms business).

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