Trump and toilets

Seth Meyers had a pretty funny A Closer Look segment where he discusses, among other things, Trump’s obsession with low water flow from faucets and that toilets no longer flush properly.

I have no idea what Trump is complaining about. I never experience any of the problems that he describes and I don’t even live in the luxury world that he does. Meyers has a theory about why Trump is convinced that toilets don’t flush properly. It is because he repeatedly tries to flush documents down them, as aides have said.

Trump also has an obsession about windmills. He seems to spend a lot of time at his rallies talking about both. It may simply be that when he speaks at these rallies, he is on autopilot, just wandering through the various topics he has spoken of again and again, so that no new material or real thought is necessary. That may be why he forgets the names of the people he is supposed to endorse, even though the rally was held for that specific purpose.

What a weird, weird, man.


  1. seachange says

    I am having a surreal time defending the undefensible Musk and Trump but now two posts in a row…

    I used to have IBS. This is fair warning to everyone else! (putting some space in)

    Every part of the toilet my landlord had had been replaced by me (because I know how) over the decades, sometimes more than once, because it got gross splattery chunky corrosive heavy use. Not only are low-flow toilets incapable of dealing with this it gets worse. When it came time for him to replace it he got a power flusher toilet.

    Now in the years since a combination of medication, medication changes, changes in diet from being diabetic, and just plain adding fiber to my diet makes me drop some huge solid dumphonkers. This power flusher toilet can totally flush a pair of sunglasses but it can’t do those. Five flushes, ten flushes…nnnnope.

    I have to break it chemically down with dishwashing/dishwasher/a big glob of bleach first.
    Once again though I will insult FORMER president Trump. If you followed the sheer insanity of his divorces it is quite apparent he always was as illiterate as he seems, and that yes if someone tells him what a document is and it is not to his liking he will flush it. Seth is presenting it as humor, but to me it sounds like truth.

    And as much as he seems to have seized control of the Repubs, this current war in Ukraine is making a lot of them including Gabbard, seem like Russia has kompromat on a lot of them. It might not be him doing this, exactly.

  2. xohjoh2n says

    I have no idea what Trump is complaining about.

    Wasting resources is manly. Aiming for efficiency makes you a loser. No matter how silly it may sound, I though everyone understood what we was really saying.

  3. lorn says

    Hint for the orange oaf: People with very high-fat diets tend to have turds that don’t flush. Fat and water.

    A healthier diet will save wear and tear on both body and toilet.

    Adding a few drops of dish-washing detergent sometimes helps. I got that tip from the maintenance man for a bariatric clinic.

  4. K says

    @2: agreed; wasting resources and not caring about anything but yourself is considered the ultimate in manliness.

    One of the minor cable channels in my lineup has been showing marathons of old King of the Hill shows. It’s about 20 years old. I remember at the time being mildly amused by it when it came on after The Simpsons, but yeesh, the suck fairy has visited and waved her magic wand all over it. Hank Hill, in particular, is atrocious. The show loves to set up the Manly High School Football Star Hank against various foes that are made to look weak, effeminate, and ridiculous…such as people who recycle, people who drive electric cars, and the infamous low-flow toilet episode where the family’s new toilet--required to be low-flow--simply can’t keep up with the All-Murkkkun Hill Family’s output. It’s the liberals’ fault, of course, not the atrocious diet of the Hill family.

  5. says

    The problem is in the design of your toilet basins. Specifically, the syphonic pattern trap, common in the USA; which relies on a deliberate constriction in the waste pipe to create a partial vacuum, so the contents are helped on their way by the air pressure in the bathroom which is now higher than that in the pipe. It sounds ingenious at first blush; but it requires more water to make it work (including replenishing the water in the trap, which gets syphoned out during the flushing cycle, afterwards) and is more prone to blockage, by design, than the earlier, simpler washdown pattern trap which does not rely on anything fancier than the descending flushwater to push the waste down the pipe and maintains the water seal throughout the flushing cycle, with no replenishment needed. And as the waste pipe is 100mm. full-bore throughout, blockages are very uncommon unless you are trying to flush something you shouldn’t …..

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