1. garnetstar says

    For anyone who wants to know, the real secret to not having the skin of your face age is: stay out of the sun.

    Don’t go outside without slathered-on sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat for 35 years. Move into a cave, or to the dark side of the moon. It works really well.

    Alternatively, just don’t look in the mirror as much. Quit taking selfies and don’t look at others’ photographs of yourself so often. I assure you that not looking at yourself lowers the “need” to look a certain way immensely. It’s a lot cheaper and safer than surgery and HGH. Past generations were not quite so worried about their beauty because they just didn’t have as many opportunities to see themselves.

  2. says

    garnetstar (#2) --

    No, the secret is to have no life. My profile pic is about six months old, and I turn 55 in February. I look young because from 18 to 48 I barely dated, had few friends and no social slills. No relationships, no kids.

    I’ve wrinkled more in the past seven years than the first 48. I’d rather look old and have the wrinkles and the memories that come with life experiences.

  3. garnetstar says

    Intransitive, no life is always an option! Just preserve yourself in formaldehyde when you still have that baby-smooth skin, voila! It’s got to hurt less than the surgery.

    Laughing and talking and all that does indeed wrinkle you. So glad that you have that!

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