Follow-up on the Mrs Sri Lanka fiasco

I know readers of this blog have been anxious to know the fallout from the dustup that occurred in the Mrs Sri Lanka competition when the previous year’s winner Caroline Jurie abruptly declared that Pushpika De Silva, the person whom she had just crowned the winner, was ineligible because she was divorced, yanked the crown off her head, and placed it on the head of the first runner up, all before a national TV audience. It has caused a sensation, with even the international media covering it.

Here again is the video of what happened.

The organizers later said that De Silva was eligible because she was separated from her husband, not divorced, and gave her back her crown. Meanwhile, both Jurie and the person I dubbed Wonder Woman (who marched onto the stage from the wings at the 1:50 mark and aided Jurie in her de-crowning of De Silva) were both arrested for causing minor harm to De Silva in the rough way they removed the crown. They are both out on bail.

As one might expect, various theories are being floated to explain the fiasco. One is that Jurie was drunk. Her erratic behavior and unsteady gait are posited as evidence for this theory. The obviously delighted mutual embracing by Jurie, Wonder Woman (who is apparently a former model and well known in Sri Lanka), and the first runner-up suggests that they are close friends. Much attention has focused on Wonder Woman who seemed to be particularly aggressive in her behavior, seemingly ordering De Silva off the stage and then giving repeated clenched fist triumphant salutes as well as fist pumps and looking deliriously happy at the runner up being crowned the winner.

One has to wonder what the runner-up was thinking when she proceeded to make a speech as if nothing untoward had happened and she had been declared the winner in the normal manner, thanking the judges and offering the usual bromides about wanting to do something for the country. I suspect that she had prepared a speech to give if she did win and instead of ad-libbing to take into account the unusual circumstances, simply plowed ahead with her prepared remarks.

As a result of this, Jurie has stepped down from her position as Mrs World that she had won after becoming Mrs Sri Lanka the previous year. But she is defiant that she did the right thing and that people who are separated should not be eligible.

“I will always stand for what I believe is right,” the former title-holder said in a video while wearing her crown and sash. “Every beauty pageant has a set of rules and regulations. What I was pushing for from the beginning was a fair stage. The rules and regulations are equal to all. Rules aren’t there so that we can find loopholes so that we can win at any cost. I believe rules and regulations are there for a reason.”

She continued, “The Mrs. World pageant was not created to discriminate divorced or separated women but to celebrate the dreams of the married women.” Jurie also implied that there are other pageants De Silva could have applied to as a separated woman.

One wonders where things would lead if Jurie’s advice is followed. Is she suggesting that there be pageants for Ms Separated World? Ms Divorced World? Ms Not-Married-But-Have-A-Steady-Partner World? Where will it all end?


  1. Sam N says

    When I first saw this in my news feed, I skipped it and thought, ‘Mano will cover it better.’

    I can’t say I’m a fan that this competition even exists, but given it does, thank you for the coverage.

  2. Sam N says

    Just a note. Title should read ‘Follow-up’ not ‘Follow-op’.

    [Thanks. I corrected it. -- Mano]

  3. Shanti says

    Most Sri Lankan women are ashamed of Jurie and her friend Wonder Woman for their stupid and unethical behaviour and glad the authorities have taken action against thrm

  4. Bruce says

    If Jurie really believes that rules should be followed, does she believe there are any rules regarding who interprets the rules? Or is that a no-rules free for all? Apparently, “no rules” is sometimes her motto.

  5. Laura Streeter says

    Perhaps they should have a “Mrs Divorce” pageant. The woman who gets the quickest divorce wins.

  6. Ridana says

    And the band played on. And on. And on. 😀
    Why did she crown her in the first place if she was going to do that? It’s obviously not like she just found out while the winner was walking down the aisle.

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