Fox News is flailing around without Trump

Seth Meyers says that their hero Donald Trump largely becoming a non-entity since leaving office and the popularity of Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief has resulted in Fox News lurching from one ridiculous set of talking points to another in their efforts to try and find something, anything at all, that their viewers can get outraged over.



  1. jrkrideau says

    I have to admire the banality of Fox Mews and its ability to ignore the rest of the world.

    The US just applied (totally meaningless?) sanctions on 24 Hong Kong and mainland Chinese officials before merrily heading off to Alaska for a high level diplomatic meeting with China as the US President calls the President of Russia “a killer’.

    Russia is recalling its US ambassador and it is reported that Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to arrive in Beijing as the Alaska talks end.

    Could China and Russia be getting a bit annoyed at US antics? Still, I am sure Trump getting credit for whatever he failed to mess up on vaccine distribution is much more important.

  2. KG says


    I must admit I don’t get your point. On China, are you objecting to the sanctions, the meeting, or the combination of the two? I can’t see that they are incompatible, and apparently the Chinese government can’t either, or they would have cancelled the meeting. As for describing Putin as a killer -- well, that’s undoubtedly true. OK, it’s not always wise for national leaders to speak the truth about their counterparts, but what bad effects do you anticipate? Russia and China have had generally friendly relations for decades, and are key members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

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