1. sonofrojblake says

    If the attack on Pearl Harbour happened today none of these morons would ever hear about it until after the originator of the attack and the twenty million people nearest to him (and you know it would be a him) had been reduced to some vapour and pool of radioactive slag.

    Of course, the above assumes that the originator of the attack is (a) easy to find and (b) politically expedient to attack right now. If not, well, the morons would hear about it just before some convenient scapegoat was vapourised -- the regime would need just a little bit of time to present some evidence to the UN to “justify” the use of nukes.

    It seems to me as a non-US resident that most of the point of the US’s obscene level of defence spending over the last 40 (50? 60?) years is intended to ensure that the voters are never, ever again called upon to serve or sacrifice in any way that they recognise. (Which is to say -- that budget means that they DO sacrifice, in ways such as having no universal healthcare, no labour laws worth a damn, no control worth the name over gun ownership, being subject to arbitrary detention and confiscation of their stuff (google “civil forfeiture”), etc. etc. etc. -- they’re just too blinded by the flag to recognise their situation).

  2. komarov says

    I’ll second John Morales but at least it did make me look up “victory garden”. Evidently there are no limits as to what can be wrapped up in the language of “patriotism” and propaganda if you’re really desparate or just really want to manipulate people. Well, it’s more of a reminder but I’ll have to add “victory” to my list of suspicious terms (liberty, freedom, patriotism…).

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