Pat Robertson has a cunning plan…

I am sure that all of you have been wondering what televangelist Pat Robertson’s thoughts are on the election now that his hero Trump is on the way out. He says that he knows what can be done to keep Trump in office and that if Trump asks him, he will tell him. It can’t hurt since the Rudy Giuliani-Sidney Powell legal clown circus is not going anywhere.

So what is Robertson’s plan? He is being coy. He is clearly expecting a higher power than the courts to intervene of Trump’s behalf, saying that “this fraud will not stand and it will be exposed and that the lord himself will intervene before this country turns into something socialist.”. But since he wants Trump to ask him, his plan may involve something less spectacular than Jesus riding in on a kraken to save the day.

Of course, Biden is not a socialist so this gives Robertson an out when the clock runs out and Jesus does not do anything stop his inauguration.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Well he does not sound anywhere near as crazy as Rudy’s cracked team. he might make a better impression in court.

  2. johnson catman says

    I have relatives who are religious idiots, and one of them said something about Biden being “socialist”. I scoffed at her and asked her if she liked Social Security (she draws a SS check each month). She said “yes” and I said “That is socialism. It is right there in the name.” Anyone who buys into Biden being a socialist really has been listening to BS like the ghoul Pat Robertson for too damn long (he really looks and speaks like an undead being).

  3. raven says

    Knowing that Pat Robertson is a billionaire, tells you what you need to do to find out his secret plan.
    Pay him.
    Send in a donation to his TV show ministry.

  4. jenorafeuer says

    @John Morales:
    Baldrick, you wouldn’t recognize a cunning plan if it stripped naked, painted itself blue, and danced up and down upon a harpsichord singing ‘Cunning plans are here again!’

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