A metaphor for the Trump campaign becomes real

The Republicans now disowning themselves from Trump and the Republicans after helping to create the very climate he has exploited to create the current chaos have been described using the well-worn metaphor of rats deserting a sinking ship. In Austin, Texas, that metaphor came to life.

A spokesperson for the Travis County sheriff’s office in Texas says “several” boats sank Saturday while taking part in a parade in support of President Donald Trump.

“We responded to multiple calls of boats in distress, several of them sank,” but there are no reports of fatalities or injuries and investigators have not determined how many boats sank on the lake near Austin, according to sheriff’s spokesperson Kristen Dark.

“We have no reason to suspect foul play in any of these,” sinkings, Dark said.

Dark said weather conditions were generally calm and meteorologist Paul Yura with the National Weather Service in Austin/San Antonio said there were were no storms in the area at the time and winds were generally 10 mph or less.

“The lake should be fairly navigable, without issue at those wind speeds,” according to Yura.

It is not clear how many rats escaped.


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