‘Orwellian’ does not even begin to describe it

This video clip montage show how Fox News personalities suddenly switched from asserting that the coronavirus pandemic was a hoax to suddenly proclaiming its seriousness. What caused the change? Notice that the abrupt message reversal started after Trump’s address to the nation on March 11, after he must have realized that this crisis could not be combated by his usual bluster and lying and where he suddenly switched from proclaiming the pandemic to be a hoax to saying that it was a serious crisis. All these lemmings unquestioningly reversed course and followed him.


  1. Tadas says

    I am speculating here. But he probably finally took notice when many guests that were at his Mar-a-Lago residence tested positive for the coronavirus, and now he believes his residence is tainted (I believe he is a germaphobe). That, or because nobody is staying at any of his hotels anymore and he stands to lose massive fortunes. What was it that you mentioned before? The elite notice that things are bad only when it finally happens to them (e.g. all the world leaders that finally freaked out when they learned that they were being spied on, even though they denounced the Snowden revelations earlier).

  2. johnson catman says

    Tabby Lavalamp @5: Hmmmmm. Looks like almost every online poll about The Orange Toddler-Tyrant that was produced by right-wingers. They are so afraid of an honest answer of “the worst” that they don’t even provide that option. Then, they point to the results of the poll and, amazingly, 100% of the responses were “very good” or better.

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