Jonathan Pie interviews Prince Andrew

Well, not really. The British royal family would not let faux journalist Pie within a mile of them. What he does is interview a fictitious member of the British royal family (the ‘Duke of Chesterton’) who bears a resemblance to Andrew about his friendship with a known pedophile that involved sexual acts with underage people. It is of course a parody of the disastrous interview that Andrew gave to the BBC about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and the charge made by Virginia Giuffre that she was forced to have sex with him.

The actor who played ‘Andrew’ gave a pretty good impression of the way Andrew responded to questions in the actual BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis that you can see below. It is truly a disaster, with Andrew getting tied up in knots under Maitlis’s gentle but well prepared and probing questioning. He comes across not only as a total liar, but as callous and insensitive and somewhat stupid.

To say that he was utterly disingenuous about the depth of his relationship with Epstein is a gross understatement. He says that he was not a close friend of Epstein but yet he met him multiple times each year and stayed at Epstein’s homes in the US and in other places and flew on his plane. Epstein also stayed at Andrew’s castle when he visited the UK. He says that he saw no indication of Epstein’s abuses even though many people have said that very young women were a ubiquitous presence in Epstein’s homes.

Maitlis kept asking Andrew why he kept staying in Epstein’s homes even after Epstein’s reputation became known and he had no real answer. Andrew is extremely wealthy, one of the many royal parasites and grifters that make up the British royal family. Why he should stay at Epstein’s homes when he could easily afford hotels is rather suspicious. It is clear that Andrew was a ‘prize’ for Epstein, who liked to dangle famous people to attract other famous people to come to his parties and his island, and thus build up his own social standing. The real question is what was the lure that Epstein dangled in front of Andrew to get him on board.


  1. Holms says

    “I just can’t tell if he’s lying through his teeth, or if he’s just fucking thick. Or if he’s just so fucking royal that he exists in a reality that isn’t real.”

    “It’s all three.”

    Spot on.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    “Epstein also stayed at Andrew’s mum’s×castle when he visited the UK.”

  3. Badland says

    Andrew is extremely wealthy, one of the many royal parasites and grifters that make up the British royal family.

    What an absolutely perfect turn of phrase.

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