1. lorn says

    Always entertaining. Looks like he needs more or higher fiddles to keep stuff in place.

    A galley designed for cooking in heavy weather is usually small so the cook can literally wedge themselves in place. Well designed ones include sturdy rails in front of a gimballed stove with a belt to keep the cook in one spot. Preparing soups, stews and frying bacon a smart cook wears bib-type slicker bottoms with rubber boots under to prevent burns. It is also recommended that a cut-resistant butcher’s glove is worn when using a knife in rough conditions. Of course everything needs to be contained or fastened down. Including all appliances. An unsecured appliance can become a deadly missile if the boat rolls too far or too fast. I had a friend almost killed by a flying refrigerator. Missed him by about a foot and made quite a mess as it crashed around unrestrained. Reminds me where the saying about a loose cannon and why they were such a danger to the ship and crew. Ship-shape means everything is put away and suitably tied down.

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