One final indignity for Trump

As if the other results were not bad enough for Donald Trump, we have the case of Juli Bricksman, a cyclist in Virginia, who in 2017 was being passed by the Trump motorcade and took the opportunity to flip him off.

She later explained why she did it.

“It was just sort of like, here I am on my bike. I’ve got nothing, right?” Briskman told the Guardian in November 2017. “This is pretty much the only thing I had to express my opinion. He wasn’t going to hear me through bullet-proof glass … So that was pretty much how I could say what I wanted to say, right?”

She was promptly fired from her job at a firm that contracts with the government, maybe because our system is now so petty that the company feared that a low-level employee making a gesture aimed at Trump might result in them no longer getting government contracts. Or maybe the reason is even more petty and the firm’s owners or managers are ardent Trump supporters.

It turns out that she was one of the winners in yesterday’s Virginia election, winning her race for a seat on the Loudoun County board of supervisors. She used her viral photo as a key part of her campaign.

And in a sign of how divorced from reality some Republicans are, a woman took the microphone at the campaign headquarters of losing Republican Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin and announced that he had won, about 20 minutes after a local TV station had said that he had lost. She then whooped it up with the crowd cheering along until some official cut off her microphone, though that did not stop her talking into it until she was gently escorted off the stage.


  1. quotetheunquote says

    Yea, ahcuah beat me to it -- wishing him many, many, many, more. The yugest indignities …. like nobody has every seen before.

  2. johnson catman says

    It would be great if it was the “final indignity” for The Orange Toddler-Tyrant as the president of the US.

  3. jrkrideau says

    @ 5 Tabby Lavalamp
    I really, reaaaallllyyy want to see him lose to “Pocahontas”.

    No, for a tired old racist/misogynist/crook/etc… like Cadet Bonespurs, Tulsi Gabbard would be a more satisfying winner.

  4. Ridana says

    That woman was so self-involved with her phone call (while at the lectern!) she couldn’t be bothered noticing the guy trying to tell her she was wrong. When she finally did, she glared at them like, “What. I’m busy here!”
    6) @ jrkrideau

    No, for a tired old racist/misogynist/crook/etc… like Cadet Bonespurs, Tulsi Gabbard would be a more satisfying winner.

    Why would she be? He nearly hired her for his administration at the recommendation of Steve Bannon, and Fox News adores her. She’s a Republican in Democrat’s clothing since she can’t get elected as a Republican in Hawaii. Now that she’s in a pissing match with Hillary, I’m sure he loves her even more.

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