John Oliver on Boris Johnson

While we in the US are depressed at the thought of having such a blatantly racist president, let us spare a thought for our friends across the Atlantic in the UK who also have a nasty piece of work in their new prime minister Boris Johnson. The ‘special relationship’ between the US and the UK was always more of a meaningless slogan than reflecting a genuine reality, but it may be true for just these two unprincipled individuals who seem to be made for each other.

The one advantage that people in the UK have over us is that it is always possible that the government will collapse leading to new elections and a new prime minister, while we are stuck with this president at least until January 2021.

John Oliver delivers the bad news about Johnson. (Language advisory)


  1. Myra Greenwood says

    I think the special relationship we have with the U.K. is all about Global banks and oil and both countries being willing to go to war at their bidding.

  2. John Morales says

    Saw that myself; most excellent take-down.

    Point being made, in my estimation, is that Trump plays the fool, and is, whereas Boris plays the fool, but isn’t.

    (Much, much more pernicious)

  3. Jazzlet says

    John Morales you underestimate Johnson, he was responsible for many many many of the anti-Brussels stories that got us into the mess we are in, and when he couldn’t twist some EU news story to be anti-EU he just made shit up. See the bent bananas story for example.

  4. Holms says

    John, Boris is placing moving the UK towards economic downturn and general chaos, likely involving mass layoffs and even food/medicine shortages, for the sake of his career. I’d call that both greed and malevolence.

  5. John Morales says

    Holms, to clarify, malevolent as in intent, not as in effect.

    (One doesn’t care if people get hurt, other cares that people get hurt, is the distinction)

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