John Oliver exposes the Sacklers-again

The Sackler family, the owners of the Purdue Pharma that aggressively marketed the painkiller Oxycontin resulting in an explosive growth in drug addiction, has been dragged into the spotlight and are now the target of multiple lawsuits by states. As a result these highly secretive people, who only allow their names to be public when they put it on buildings as part of their ‘philanthropy’, have been forced to give legal depositions. But their lawyers have aggressively worked to have their video depositions sealed

Since the Sacklers also refuse to appear on TV, John Oliver gets a quartet of well-known actors to say the actual words of Richard Sackler as quoted in their depositions, to give us a better sense of how arrogant, devious, and callous they are. Oliver said that if Richard Sackler felt that any of the portrayals were inaccurate, he could release the videos and correct the record.

You can see more of the actors reading from the depositions here.


  1. says

    The behind the bastards podcast has a couple episodes about the Sacklers. They are much more horrible than they are generally portrayed as being -- for example they paid another Purdue exec $8m to be the CEO and take a guilty plea so the Sacklers could say they had no hand in the marketing decisions (but they totally did).

  2. lorn says

    Perhaps we can do the same thing with the redacted portions of the Mueller report.

    IF they leave a section blank; make something suitable up. Something juicy and entertaining. If the administration objects that that’s not what was redacted we can suggest that they can easily show otherwise by releasing the full document.

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