Shining a light on how Congress really works

Thanks to commenter efogoto, I saw the second part of the Seth Meyers interview of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez where she explained what the Green New Deal is about and the difference between a resolution and a bill. She also explained a photo that she had posted on Twitter that showed lines of homeless people sitting in the hallways outside congressional hearing rooms. They were not there to plead their own case. Instead she said that lobbyists hire homeless people to keep places in line for them for congressional hearings so that lobbyists end up occupying all the seats in the hearing rooms, shutting out anyone else.

As Seth Meyers said, generally new congresspeople are told by the old timers, “This is how things work” and they are urged to go along with it. But this new cohort are instead responding incredulously “This is how things work?” and telling the rest of us about it.

On another note, Ocasio-Cortez is clearly liked by a lot of people. But that is not all. Even dogs like her.

Contrast this with Donald Trump’s relationship with non-human animals.


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    I’m afraid it’s going to wind up looking like an exercise in “watch how we crush your spirits and hopes and turn you into a swamp-dweller like us.” Pelosi’s already started the process.

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