Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Seth Meyers’ show

Among other things he asked her why her questioning of people in congressional hearings was so much better than that of so many other congresspeople. She replied that she has excellent staffers and since she pays all her staffers a living wage, two of them could give up the second jobs that they worked in order to make ends meet, and thus can devote all their energy to the work in Congress. She also gave examples of some of the ridiculous questions that Republicans, weaned on an exclusive diet of Fox News, ask of witnesses and also of her.


  1. johnson catman says

    If we had a Congress full of AOCs, they could accomplish SO much, and this whole country would be so much better. She is smart, funny, energetic, strong, etc., etc., etc. No wonder the status-quo crowd hates her so much.

  2. efogoto says

    My favorite moment of the interview was in the other video where Seth says, “I think that’s something you have in common with the president,” and she responds, “Because he’s a nematode?”

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