Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s effective use of Twitter

She has a knack for how to use this medium, as can be seen by these responses to her critics.

Jon Favreau makes a good point that points out the futility of those people who try to craft policy based on what they think Republicans can sign on to.


  1. jrkrideau says

    It is hard to figure out which is stranger. The virulence of the attacks on Ocasio-Cortez or the mind-blowing stupidity of the attacks.

    I wonder if journalists will shy away from being made look like idiots or just keep it up?

    An attack from something like Ted Cruz might merit being framed. I mean, anyone whom Ted Cruz attacks must be worth voting for.

  2. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    I know most don’t want to hear it, but I feel exactly like she does when she says this:

    When you’re trying to justify to yourself + others that we should ignore one of the greatest threats to humanity and imperil all children by denying, deflecting, and delaying action on climate change, you say ridiculous nonsense like this.

    I believe in it so strongly, that I will argue to anyone who will listen that we should fix the problem, and France and Germany have showed us how it can be done: Germany is showing us the wrong way, and France is showing us the right way. France’s electricity costs half as much, and is almost entirely CO emissions free, and Germany’s electricity costs twice as much, and its CO2 emissions are 10 times larger than France’s electricity per Joule of electricity, and Germany’s CO2 emissions have been flat for about 10 years, and by contrast it took France only about 15 years to convert most of its electricity to nuclear.

    I know lots of Green advocates say stuff exactly like the quote above, but none of them mean it, because if they were serious about what they were saying, then they would support the only proven technology to solve the problem: conventional nuclear fission power.

    The Green New Deal is a dangerous delusion -- the general idea of Green energy is probably the most dangerous idea in the world today.

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