John Oliver on psychics

Making fun of psychics is easy and fun but the non-amusing aspect is not only that four in ten Americans believe in them but that they are promoted by mainstream TV shows. These people are not harmless. They scam people out of money with their fakery and give false hopes and unnecessary grief. John Oliver has a good show about how they fool people and the harm that they and their TV accomplices cause.


  1. says

    Mostly, psychics bother me because they are a litmus test for the overall ignorance of a society, and the quality of its educational system and media. Psychics are an annoyance but they are mostly the canary in the coal mine of fucked.

  2. lanir says

    He didn’t even get around to mentioning the role of psychics in the Reagan administration. The various issues and scandals of the Reagan white house are still important beccause conservatives seem to like placing it on a pedestal.

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