Tuesday’s election is a referendum on Trump

While racist and xenophobic appeals in US elections are nothing new, this year it has been raised to a level of brazenness that I have never seen before. There is no question that if there ever was an election for progressives to ignore all the subtleties and vote along strict Democratic party lines, it is Tuesday’s elections. This is not because the Democrats are particularly wonderful, because the faults of that party hardly need to be repeated here. But Donald Trump has made this election all about him and any victory anywhere will be hailed by him as an endorsement of the toxic views expressed by him, the Republican party, and Fox News. Unless a down ballot election features a manifestly awful Democratic candidate and an exceptionally decent Republican who has loudly and unequivocally condemned Trump, it too has to be seen as a referendum on Trump.

In a piece of good news, the blatant attempt by Republican candidate for governor of Georgia Brian Kemp to abuse his current position as secretary of state to disenfranchise many voters by saying that they could not vote if the names on their ID did not exactly match the name on their voter rolls (something that would disenfranchise me if applied in Ohio) has been overruled by a federal judge and it will not apply in this election.

Seth Meyers gives plenty of reasons to why Trump deserve to be rebuked at the polls.


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