Those complicit in enabling Saudi Arabian atrocities

First off, John Oliver looks at the latest atrocity involving the disappearance and possible murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the context of long-term US coddling of the murderous regime that rules Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, for all the gnashing and wailing by the US media about the disappearance and possible murder of Khashoggi and criticisms of the Saudi leaders, Glenn Greenwald says that many of that same media continue to employ people who are enablers for that government, people such as Carter Eskew, former advisor to Al Gore, Republican Ed Rogers, columnist Tom Friedman, Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, and reporter David Ignatius

Even more awkward for the Post is that – with the possible exception of Tom Friedman – the most influential media figure who devoted himself to depicting MbS as a noble reformer was the Post’s star foreign affairs columnist, David Ignatius. Ignatius has built his career on cultivating an extremely close relationship to the CIA, whose agenda he typically parrots and rarely contradicts. It is not at all surprising that Ignatius would be a devoted propagandist to the Saudi regime, for decades one of that agency’s most cherished allies and partners.

Indeed, Ignatius did not begin his work heaping praise on Saudi tyrants with the ascent of MbS. As the media watchdog FAIR documented last year, “for almost 15 years, Ignatius has been breathlessly updating US readers on the token, meaningless public relations gestures that the Saudi regime—and, by extension, Ignatius—refer to as ‘reforms.’”

These people will now scramble to try and minimize their complicity.


  1. DonDueed says

    There’s a report tonight that Saudi will admit that Khashoggi died while in their custody, presumably under “interrogation”.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Given that the latest report I have heard about Yemen said that somewhere between 13 and 15 million people were in danger of starvation and the Saudis and Emirati seem to be happily blowing up buses of school children and the odd wedding party, the Khashoggi incident is only shocking in that it appears that the apparent violence was in a Consulate. I would hesitate to call it an atrocity if Khashoggi was murdered there.

    Of course, mentioning Saudi war crimes in Yemen might lead to someone mentioning the massive US logistical support for the war in Yemen.

  3. Holms says

    “The entire story is a lie, we deny everything!”

    “Okay, he died in our custody but it was an accident!”

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