Excellent analysis by Colin Jost and Michael Che

Although these two comedians play the co-hosts on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update faux-news show, they actually raised some very good points. (If the embedded video does not work, try this link or see the comment by John Morales below)


  1. ridana says

    I don’t see any video (on either of my browsers, but that’s likely my fault). Since you didn’t say what they made good points about, I also can’t try to google what this might be referring to. :/ Do you maybe have a YouTube link?

  2. ridana says

    @ John: Thank you so very much! You said, “The link we both have disabled…” Do you know why it’s disabled? Is that something in the formatting of the embedding or in the browser? What I’m really asking is, is there a way to not disable it? There’s a lot of content on the web I can see for reasons beyond my ken. Some of it I can see on Safari, but not Firefox (not this link). Trying to find the video source in that page would’ve taken me hours if I didn’t know what I was looking for already.

    Anyway, back on topic, that was great (as was SNL’s takedown with Matt Damon). “If you’re not the right person to be asking questions at a Senate hearing, maybe you’re not the right person to be a Senator.” Indeed.

    Colon Jost looks weirdly like a young Kavanope though.

  3. John Morales says

    ridana, excellent question, hard to answer helpfully.

    Basically, modern websites include a shitload of calls to external sites and a shitload of code running. This means possible vectors for malware and exploits are rife.

    ridana, I know why my own access is disabled; I run NoScript, which requires me to whitelist external domains and cross-site scripting (and, nicely, lets me blacklist. . I suspect you are running something similar, though modern browsers also often default to a safe(r) browsing mode, where such are mitigated. But I’d be surprised if (whether you know it or not) you are not running some such blocker.

    Seriously, it’s a Good Thing, but it unfortunately sometimes “protects” you mistakenly.
    Errs on the side of false positives, good in this context.

    Personally, I currently use Firefox¹ and run NoScript, and I think you must be running something similar, whether or not you deliberately chose it.

    Bottom line, I understand this may be not that helpful to you unless you’re computer-literate, but when you suspect content might be available, checking the source code is informative¹. It matters not least because one is talking megabytes and mips here, not just bandwith. This site, unfortunately, is on the worse end of the spectrum for gluk — indeed, for me effectively unusable on vanilla browsers at acquaintances’ places.

    But yes, excellent content in the video. TYT also has good content, for mine.

    ¹ In Firefox, select the section immediately prior to and subsequent to the suspected missing content, right-click, and then select “view selection source”. Be aware the default settings do not use line-wrap, so scrolling may be necessary. Sometimes, web-literacy is also required, but not always, as in this case.

    Also, I appreciate how you don’t blame Mano for this. Nor I, of course.

  4. Curt Sampson says

    My guess is that the video embed will work if you enable cookies from the following sites: adnxs.com, adsvr.org, advertising.com, agkn.com, bidswitch.net, bttrack.com, casalemedia.com, digitru.st, doubleclick.net, execator.com, exposebox.com, eyeota.net, mfadsrvr.com, openx.net, pubmatic.com, quantserve.com, scorecardresearch.com, sharethis.com, skimresources.com, statcounter.com, stickyadstv.com, storygize.net, taboola.com, tribalfusion.com, tynt.com.

    (That’s the list of cookies, beyond those from freethoughtblogs.com, that this blog post attempted to set.)

  5. Curt Sampson says

    Oh, I should mention, given John’s note above, that I keep JavaScript fully enabled, but the video embed didn’t appear not only in my regular browser session, but also not in a Chrome incognito session with almost all of my extensions (privacy guards, adblock, etc.) disabled.

    I couldn’t be arsed to enable all those cookies one by one to see what finally would make the embed appear, but my guess is that it’s one or more of those.

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