Great moments in hyperbole

John Cox is a Republican running for the governorship of the state of California. The current governor Jerry Brown is a Democrat and the state legislature has majority Democrats. So Cox naturally tries to paint the state as in a mess that requires a change in leadership. But his statement to someone he met inside the Sacramento office of the Department of Motor Vehicles was a doozie.

“You know, I met a Holocaust survivor in Long Beach,” Cox said to a man waiting inside. “He survived concentration camps, and he said this was worse. He’s 90 years old and he had to wait four hours down in Long Beach. Can you imagine that?”

First of all, I cannot imagine a Holocaust survivor ever making such a comparison. In fact, Cox later said that he had confused what the man had said, and that was that the DMV reminded him of the long lines seen in pre-World War II Germany and Latvia.

But supposing Cox did think the man had said something vaguely similar to that, I cannot imagine how anyone would take it seriously enough to actually repeat it.


  1. markdowd says

    A normal person would think “that can’t possibly be right” and avoid making themselves look like a fucking dumbass.

    These fucking sociopaths are not normal. Nothing matters except themselves, and they’ll lie, cheat, and steal everything they can.

  2. busterggi says

    So he waited four hours to get into the gas chambers? Somehow I doubt that because he’s have been dead for over seventy years and not talking much.

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