Supercut of the Special Effects Oscar winners

I enjoyed this supercut of brief clips from all the past Oscar winners in the Special Effects category starting from 1927, plus all the nominees for this year’s award. While I have a deep admiration for the people who produce these amazing effects, I must admit to a soft spot for the ones from the early days before they were all done using computer graphics. How they could have got the effects using just physical models and camera trickery really impresses me.

The supercut, while bringing back pleasant memories of films that I have seen, also reminded me of those that I should have seen but somehow missed, such as Logan’s Run (1976) and Hugo (2011).


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    I didn’t love it, but Guardians should win. It’s the most elaborately constructed visual spectacle I’ve ever seen. And if there was a category for schmaltziest cliched dialogue, it should get that too.

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