Gripping video of Charlottesville events

HBO showed a tightly edited video by Vice News of the sequence of events that unfolded at Charlottesville over the past weekend starting on Friday at 10:00pm. It makes for gripping but disturbing viewing.


White nationalist Christopher Cantwell who talks so tough to reporter Elle Reeve in the above video has since released his own video, now tearfully complaining about how everyone is being mean to him when he is just a law-abiding person. He tells the police that he is willing to give himself up but to please not harm him if and when they come for him.

His pathetic whining and crying and wiping away of tears marks a big change from his bragging in the Vice video.


  1. says

    This is what happens. So many of them are fighting for their hurt feelings and sense of entitlement, with an unearned sense of superiority, that two things are invariably a huge shock to them: 1) that there are real-world consequences for their shitty behavior, and 2) their ‘opponents’ are fighting for their LIVES and will not, cannot, give way or let them win, and fight back HARD.

    They expect to win easily because of their superiority and the assumption that their opponents are only as invested as they are. Neither of these things is anywhere near true.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    Elle Reeve is one seriously brave person. Although she did look as if some of things that Cantwell was saying made her want to hurl.

  3. johnson catman says

    Cantwell at the end of the Vice piece claimed that the vehicular attack was “justified”. What a fucking piece of shit. And that insults pieces of shit. I think it would be justified to drop a load of napalm on the fucking nazis as they marched.

  4. Matt G says

    There is a town near Rochester, NY called Honeoye Falls. A resident was identified from footage from the rally by other residents of his area, and they produced and distributed fliers. This story was then reported in the Rochester newspaper. Sucks to be him. Accountability’s a bitch….

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