The latest wrinkle on the Russia story

Stephen Colbert walks us through the main aspects of the latest Russia-Trump story, this time containing actual information involving Donald Trump Jr.’s efforts to get damaging information about Hillary Clinton from Russian sources, a story that includes a Russian pop star, his oligarch father, and a British promoter.

Here is the email chain that Donald Trump Jr. released. While he claims he did it in the interests of transparency, he did so after becoming aware that the New York Times had obtained them because they contacted him for comment before publishing them.

The eldest Trump son tweeted images of the emails alongside a statement saying he was sharing them in an effort to be “totally transparent” just minutes before the New York Times published a story detailing the contents of the same emails. The newspaper noted that he released the emails on Twitter in lieu of responding to a request for comment.

The Times has revealed the saga of Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya in a bombshell series of scoops over the last four days. First, the newspaper reported Saturday on the previously undisclosed Trump Tower meeting, prompting the President’s eldest son to say he met the lawyer about a defunct U.S. program to adopt Russian children. He mentioned nothing about the 2016 campaign.

On Sunday, the Times reported that Trump Jr. went to the meeting with the promise of obtaining damaging information about Clinton. Trump Jr. and the White House admitted as much, but said that he did not know Veselnitskaya’s identity beforehand and that she ultimately had nothing useful to share. Trump Jr. also argued that all political campaigns try to obtain negative information about their opponents.

Don Jr. does not seem like the brightest bulb on the family Christmas tree. How the paper got hold of his private emails and all the other inside stuff remains a mystery but it seems like whoever is dishing out this dirt is no friend of Donald Trump, Jr. If I were he, I would be seriously concerned that I had enemies close to me with such access to my information.


  1. secondtofirstworld says

    Going out on a limb here… K Street, half of the GOP, non-family member confidants wanting to prevent a political dynasty, like the Bush or Clinton or Kennedy families, and that’s their own camp.

    It is a long standing suspicion of historians that Stalin’s biggest leaker was Beriya. In a more light hearted news, Tiffany is vacationing with her boyfriend in Europe, and no scandals.

  2. RationalismRules says

    Don Jr. does not seem like the brightest bulb on the family Christmas tree.

    This entire string of Christmas bulbs puts out less light than a single-bar radiator in a power failure.

  3. secondtofirstworld says

    @Marcus Ranum #3:

    Based on available evidence, I’m with the camp of historians who claim he poisoned him since 1949, when his first symptoms started to show, and it led to the doctors trial.

    In my personal opinion, his plan must have been doing a Lenin where a seriously ill leader can be groomed by false or only positive news, and a limited inner circle.

    I’ve seen a followup clip from Colbert’s show, and the commander in chief claimed in an interview with Pat Robertson, that Putin wanted Hillary to win, and it’s dangerous if he actually uses his own product. Putin wanted somebody who’s an isolationist so America doesn’t butt if by a miraculous incident the Soviet Union suddenly recreates itself with a few loyal satellite states.

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