Children describe god to an illustrator

I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of children said they were atheists, though they were willing to go along with the game of imagining god. They are much smarter than I was at that age. It took me until middle age to figure that one out.


  1. Holms says

    Frog Lion God was great. Bathrobe With Mystery Whistle God was pretty good too, nice and relaxed unlike the ‘real’ psycho.
    I have no idea why the kids were asked about god’s genitals though.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Artist, introducing the exercise:

    We’re going to imagine what he might look like?

    Uh, huh. Of course, at least one of the children is more aware of the gender implications:

    I think everybody refers to god as a ‘he’.

    The artist seems to have learned something from this. Of course, depending on your age and your upbringing, some of the kids might reasonably have a bit more trouble:

    Artist: Could god be a woman, maybe?
    Child on Screen Right: No.
    Artist: No?
    Child on Screen Left: You could have. It’s possible.
    Child on Screen Right: If you go up to heaven you’ll be sorry for saying that.

  3. tkreacher says

    Holms #2

    I have no idea why the kids were asked about god’s genitals though.

    Probably because,
    1. Some of the children said the god was naked or didn’t have pants on so,
    2. The artist wanted to know if the god had genitals and
    3. Not everyone thinks that basic anatomy is an always-sexualized, puritanically taboo, immoral topic that should be barred from soiling the minds of children, who should be kept ignorant of such tawdry and lewd and vile facts of life until they are physically ready to fuck, or whatever.

  4. tkreacher says

    Holms, #5

    If not, why would you find it odd?

    The first thing I thought when the kid said the god wasn’t wearing pants was, “I wonder if the kid would think god had genitals”.

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