Donald Trump is already jealous of Mike Pence

To little surprise, there are now reports from sources within the Trump camp that say that the boss is upset with the praise that Mike Pence’s performance in Tuesday’s debate is getting. Apparently Trump can’t stand someone who even tells lies better than him.

Mike Pence’s polished performance at the vice presidential debate Tuesday night made Donald Trump grate.

The attention-hungry GOP nominee was actually displeased with his running mate’s strong showing at his matchup against Tim Kaine, reportedly because Pence didn’t defend him against attacks from the Democratic veep candidate.

According to CNN reporter John King, who spoke with a source close to Trump, the irascible Republican nominee was “frustrated” with Pence’s deft responses and polished lines that, often times, hit Kaine and Clinton without overtly defending Trump.

Seth Meyers provides a recap of Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate. The best part begins at the 9:00 minute mark where he compares Pence’s flat denials of Kaine’s listing of the appalling statements made by himself and Donald Trump with clips of them actually saying those things. Meyers than tries to use this to add fuel to the fire, just like Kaine is doing by saying (accurately) that Pence pretty much abandoned Trump during the debate and that Trump must be fuming.

Stephen Colbert tries to further inflame Trump’s jealous streak.


  1. Sam N says

    I found the technique of juxtaposing the awful things Pence denied as lies being played next to him shaking his remarkably effective. Should be an add. Makes it clear just how bullshit that rather effective debate technique Pence is using really is.

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