Even a bunch of puppies cannot make Fiorina likable

I have described Ted Cruz as a flat-out sophist and creepy and it is undoubtedly true that he is unlikable except to his ardent fans. But Carly Fiorina gives Cruz a good run for his money on both deception and unlikability. Her campaign team must have realized this because they have tried to soften her hard, grating image by filming a commercial of her with a whole bunch of dogs

As Ashley Feinberg says:

“Feed me a line,” failed HP CEO and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says through gritted teeth as an army of tiny pups squirms in her lap. She is visibly uncomfortable—irate even. But she is smiling a wide-eyed, crazed smile. In a few seconds she will be eating dog food. This is Carly Fiorina’s attempt at being human.

Even in an ad meant to show her as being likable, she still comes out looking nasty.

So faced with what might be her last debate –based upon how much more she wants to debase herself by putting up with “you people” and reporters who ask her pesky “gotcha questions” — Carly’s campaign made her sit down with a bunch of puppies to make her seem “human” and “nice” and not a “horrifying presence that could suck the souls from a room full of toddlers with just a glance.”

At least that is what the focus group said.

It is questionable — from a political standpoint — for a candidate to say “dogs are better than cats,” even though all reasonable people can agree that it is indisputable fact of life and not even open for debate anymore.

But Carly had to be Carly, and she couldn’t just make nice with the puppies by doing baby talk. Oh, no. Snarly Carly had to bare her incisors from time to time and get her digs in.

Well, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, can you?


  1. doublereed says

    The ad doesn’t even have anything to do with cats. It’s like a clickbait title.

    It’s just Fiorina with a bunch of dogs for literally no reason. What? Why? At least promote adopting a dog or something.

    I don’t understand politics.

  2. Holms says

    “Dawgs never tell me to smile more” while attempting the least sincere smile ever. And those idiotic political digs…! “Obama ate one of your cousins!” jesus fucking christ.

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