Flash (mob) dance

I have linked before to flash mobs where musicians appear to spontaneously arrive at a location and perform in public spaces to the delight of people who just happened to be passing by. Here is another case of a flash mob, but this involved dancers in a New York City pedestrian crossing.

I love this kind of stuff. I just brings a smile to my lips.


  1. Johnny Vector says

    Awesome! Great choreography and videography. I love that they arrange it so they clear the street just as the sign turns to don’t walk.

  2. chrisho-stuart says

    Really well done!

    On a related personal note… there was another dancing flashmob done recently, co-ordinated internationally over 170 cities around the world. I was all set to go, but sadly the group in my city had to cancel, so we missed out. In this case, everyone all around the world did the same routine out in public at various venues. Technically not as well done as the crosswalk flashmob; but the huge numbers involved made it interesting in another way.


    Several groups had fun with it. Bonus section at the end. I liked Darth Vadar dancing with the stormtrooper….

    This one was west coast swing dancing; and it has been an annual even the last couple of years. Routines are intended for beginners to have a go (hint there for anyone who likes dance and would like to be part of a flashmob). Choirs are another possible to give this kind of thing a try. I’ve wanted to be in a flashmob myself; and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do our city (Newcastle Australia) in coming months, though it’s a pity we missed out on being part of the official video. I’m off to practice tonight…

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