Incredible bamboo houses

Via reader Norm, I heard about this website that shows photos of houses that have been built using bamboo. What I had not expected was how spectacular they are. The accompanying article says that the houses are sustainable but what impressed me was that bamboo, something that I always thought of as a flexible plant, seems to be strong enough to support such large structures with plumbing, etc.



  1. revmatty says

    When I was in China I routinely saw construction and remodel sites using bamboo scaffolding. Guys 4-5 stories up on bamboo scaffolds doing welding…

  2. Lofty says


    Now lets see ’em make housing for the poor…

    Clearly the poor have had bamboo houses forever, it’s only with treatment with boron that the material lasts long enough to make safe complex structures. It’s more a case of convincing the poor that the cheapest ever building material can overcome its stigma of crappiness and become a symbol of success. Concrete and modern corrugated iron typically last longer in a tropical climate.

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