This summer’s blockbuster: We are all going to die at the hands of ISIS!

Even since the hit film Jaws, summer has been the favored time for the release of some kind of fear-based blockbuster film. This time, the honor goes to NBC News that has produced a masterpiece of propagandistic fear-mongering, complete with an ominous soundtrack worthy of an Alfred Hitchcock film.

The ISIS threat is being hyped by FBI director James Comey through ever-compliant conduit Wolf Blitzer, whom Glenn Greenwald accurately describes as “even-more-sycophantic-than-usual” and “the TV-actor-who-plays-the-journalist-character-called-Wolf-Blitzer”.

As Greenwald says, this propaganda effort is designed to send two contradictory messages: (1) “the Terror Threat facing Americans is Greater Than Ever™” and so we must be terrified and give the government all the money and tools it asks for; and (2) the “U.S. military actions against Terrorism are succeeding”, to reassure us that the money and tools are being well spent.

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