Who says that religious fundamentalists are dogmatic?

Shannon Grove, a California Assemblywoman, has put the lie to the idea that religious nutcases never change their minds. She used to think that the terrible drought in her state was caused by environmentalists who prioritized the needs of fish over people but now she says she knows better and that it is actually caused by the state’s abortion policies that she thinks are too liberal.

While her flexibility and willingness to change her mind is commendable, she does not explain why she rejected an equally valid alternative hypothesis that the drought was caused by the state’s tolerant attitude towards the LGBT community and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Nor did she explain why California has specifically earned this particular punishment from god when other states have similar policies, but we need to give her time for her views to evolve further and not rush her.

Baby steps, baby steps.


  1. Ed says

    Wouldn’t policies that prioritized fish over people lead to a flood instead of a drought? You know, because our fish overlords would want more living space. 🙂

  2. Bruce says

    Science naively says the largest water use in California is agriculture. Now that Grove tells us it is LGBT issues, the answer is clear. States which want to suppress LGBT identity just need to suppress their agriculture. I’m looking at you, Kansas. No more wheat fields for you. And California, no more salads. As tomatoes use water, they must be suppressed. So at the summer picnic and ball game, be sure to tell everyone that ketchup is promoting the gay. And we would never have known if it weren’t for Rep. Grove.

  3. Mano Singham says


    No, no, no, you just don’t understand the mind of god. Because god didn’t like us giving priority to fish, he smote us and them by denying fish the very thing they need.

  4. Dago Red says

    She is clearly possessed by the Devil. She spreads his demonic lies to hide the truth that God is actually punishing California for allowing her to be elected to office.

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