1. kyoseki says

    It occurs to me that this may be the first Presidential election I may be eligible to vote in (I’m eligible for US citizenship in August).

    .. I think I know who I’m voting for.

  2. Holms says

    Is it just me, or does your potential next president sound a lot like Larry David?

  3. says

    HELL FROZE OVER, film at 11

    Alberta election 2015 results: NDP wave sweeps across province in historic win

    If you need a sign that people are waking up to environmental reality, look north over the border. After EIGHTY years of two right wing parties ruling Alberta (Social Credit 36 years, Conservatives 44), the voters have elected the New Democratic Party (socialists) to a majority.

    This wasn’t just improbable, it was well nigh impossible. The election was expected to be coronation of the ruling tories, instead they were tarred and feathered in the land of the tar sands. The NDP promised to make science-based decisions on oil drilling instead of economic ones, and it wasn’t the kiss of death with voters.

    If that can happen in Canada’s buybull belt (*), it gives hope to Sanders and his supporters. (* Alberta combines all the worst parts of Texas, the Dakotas, Mississippi, Carolinas and Florida into one province.)

  4. Mano Singham says

    Wow, left0ver1under, that’s great news! Thanks for clueing me in to something that I would have missed in the US because this is the kind of important news that the US media will ignore.

  5. Mobius says

    On another forum I got into a heavy discussion over tax cuts for the rich. That lead to other related topics and I ended up doing a little Google research. The numbers I found concerning the 1% were even worse than I had thought. Some figures…

    In real dollars, from 1970 to 2011 the median household income in the US went up 6%.

    In the same time, the per capita GDP went up 108%.

    Someone is getting all that money and it’s not the 99%.

    In 1970, the 1% owned right at 30% of the wealth in the country. In 2011 the 1% of the 1% owns 50% of the wealth.

    What Sanders says on income inequality is so very true.

  6. daved says

    In that last little bit at the end of the video, I think we should get that bear a gun. I support the right to arm bears.

  7. nobonobo says

    Agree with #5 Mobius, with a minor quibble: shouldn’t that be 10% of the 1%?
    OK, two quibbles: read>read, but lead>led. Go figure. English has some strange rules.

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