Helping women who are being denied access to abortions

The right to abortion has been severely restricted in the US by making it harder to get one and Ohio is one of the worst states in this regard. To counter this, the Cleveland Skeptics and Northeast Ohio Secular Woman are challenging Center for Inquiry Northeast Ohio in a local Bowl-a-thon for abortion access.

It’s a national fundraiser to help women who would not otherwise be able to afford the procedure, travel, time off work, overnight stays, etc. to have an actual choice. CFI’s team is The Unholy Rollers and currently they are ahead with $610 against the Cleveland Skeptics and Northeast Ohio Secular Woman team called The Immaculate Contraceptions that has raised $375.

All funds raised are to benefit our local clinic, Preterm, and you can read more about it here.

I just learned about this and unfortunately the deadline is tomorrow afternoon, so if you can chip in something by then, that would be great.


  1. frogmistress says

    Thanks to all who donated! Between the two groups, we managed to raise $1400 to help women obtain abortions!

    An excellent showing of the Northeast Ohio secular community!

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