It’s time to ‘Reset the Net’

It is clear that there are rumblings of great discontent around the world about how the internet is being hijacked by government spying agencies and I suggested that it may lead to some kind of organized revolt. As usual, I am behind the times because reader John Horstman informs me that there is already a project in the works known as Reset the Net that calls upon everyone to do their bit to reclaim the promise of the internet as a free and open space

It is being organized by Fight for the Future and the Center for Rights.

This is about freedom. When governments steal our data and invade our private lives, they change how we think, how we express ourselves, and how much power they have over us.

Luckily, we’re stronger than they are. On June 5th, websites, organizations, and thousands of people are closing the door on the mass surveillance by resetting the net. Together, we’ll turn off the parts of the web that governments have infected, and bring them back with new armor that directly confronts the spying. We’ll make the Internet ours again, for all of our thoughts and dreams. No one can stop us now.

The actions are being planned to begin on June 5, 2014, the anniversary of the first news report on NSA spying based on Edward Snowden’s revelations that have rocked the world.

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