Dueling car commercials

Cadillac came out with a commercial for its new electric car that struck some as being crass in its braggadocio and praise of consumption and excess. It was ripe for parody and one might have expected some comedy website or show to do one. I did not expect a rival car company to do it. See for yourself.

Here’s the Cadillac ad:

Here’s the Ford response:

Adam Weinstein has the backstory to how the ads came about.


  1. eternalstudent says

    I love it!

    The Caddy guy is pretty optimistic about us going back to the moon though. It’s quite a pipe dream with assholes like him holding the country’s purse strings.

  2. Trebuchet says

    My cats never see themselves in a mirror like tha….What? Electric cars? Oh, sorry, I got distracted by the funny cat video that came up after the Ford one.

    Ford?? GM?? Tesla!

  3. says

    I had heard about this, but hadn’t bothered to read up on it.

    Wow. What a smackdown. It makes the 1%ers (even if Ford execs are among them) look like even bigger jerks than they already are.

    And the fact that one features a rich white family, the other a black working woman with non-black friends just adds to it. I normally hate commercials (since when did they become “entertainment” and “culture”?) but I’ll admit that one’s funny.

  4. fentex says

    I thought the Cadillac ad was funny, it sure seemed tongue in cheek to me – especially with the joke about going back to the Moon to get the car when the Chinese are the only ones making an effort to go.

    I really did think it was a bit of self aware parody intended to be a combo of feel good enthusiasm and self needling satire – surely it wasn’t only the superficial bombast some seem to think?

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