How not to get out of a small parking lot

Below is a video of a person who seems to have little idea of how to get out of a tight parking spot. It is excruciating to watch because you constantly feel the urge to yell out “No! No! Don’t cut that way, cut the other way!” We have to give credit to the driver though for not hitting any of the other cars. We also have to admire the patience of the person in the black station wagon at the top left who had to endure all this while waiting to exit.


  1. wtfwhateverd00d says

    I think the driver is braindead, but having watched this at a couple of sites, what I really think is what a gorgeous parking lot in what seems to be a truly lovely surrounding.

    If I knew were it was, I’d love to come in one night with a house trailer and move in. The cobblestone would make for a nice deck with bbq and chairs and the view down the hill seems unbeatable.

  2. oldymoldy says

    well, that was just painful!
    sort of goes hand in hand with the post on using the gps to find ones way around.
    i had a girlfriend that used a gps all the time. if i asked her “were you going north or south?” is it east or west of main st.?” she had no clue. ‘drove me crazy. she had no idea where she was.

  3. Jockaira says

    Simple lack of foresight. This driver passed up three perfectly good opportunities for easy exits taking the hardest way each time. The first opportunity came when the driver did NOT look at the situation before getting into the car while he was walking to it, then once in his car found himself in a difficult situation because he had not taken a good look.

    This is pretty much the same lack of thought manifested by those who drive onto a full parking lot at the supermarket and failing to anticipate an obvious crowd and subsequent lack of shopping carts, passes up perfectly good vacant carts (already tested for wobbly wheels) on his way to the front door of the store. Arriving at the front door he finds no carts then waits until a storeperson retrieves several from the lot, all the while complaining that the store is too cheap to buy more carts so that he doesn’t have to wait for someone else to do his thinking for him.

  4. says

    This person should never get parking in one of those little garages behind some of those old apartment buildings in Cleveland Heights. I temporarily had a spot in a garage a lot like that lot but tighter on Overlook. An ex of mine gave up his private spot for a public one after he realized the garage was not only super tight but you have to back up a very steep and narrow driveway into the road. He didn’t think he should pay extra for that considering he had a manual transmission.

  5. frankb says

    If I was there I would be screaming, “Back up onto the lawn, back up to the far side of the lot (bottom of the screen), back out of the entrance, but stop backing up to other cars!!!” This is a very funny video. Maybe it should be required viewing in drivers ed courses.

  6. colnago80 says

    This clown was driving what appears to be a subcompact car (possibly a Honda Fit). One shudders to think what he would have done if he had been driving a full size car. He might never have gotten out.

  7. Paul Neubauer says

    The title of the video Parkownie roku – październk is Polish and means “Parking of the year – October” so this probably took place in Poland.

    I have to say that this was painful to watch. It would have been so easy to just back up into the open area between the Mercedes van(?) that we can see the front of and the SUV at the lower right of the picture and then just drive forward right out of the lot. This looks like a very inexperienced driver.

  8. Matt G says

    The solution is immediately obvious to the experienced driver. I do NOT feel sorry for the driver of the black car because he/she had the opportunity to get out before this pathetic display took place.

  9. lochaber says

    So, admittedly, I watched this fairly soon after Singham posted it, and had a fairly selfish laugh about it.

    But, to be honest, the person driving the vehicle seems to be rather good at vehicle manipulation and maneuver type skills. I certainly couldn’t have executed some of those turns without a collision.

    On the other hand, they seem to be a bit lacking in the whole planning aspect of moving a vehicle, which is where I try and justify myself laughing at that vid.

    (plus, my biggest vehicle is a motorcycle, which, if need be, I can personally re-orient. (or just push it over a parking bump and through the grass, or whatevs))

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