Lawrence O’Donnell does the impossible

In this interview, the host of an MSNBC talk show actually makes New York mayoral candidate Anthony Wiener, as obnoxious and unlikable a person as I have ever seen in public life (and I am not even talking about his much-publicized private life), actually come off as sympathetic. What is it with people like O’Donnell who invite people for interviews on their shows and then self-righteously lecture them? Wiener clearly has a massive ego but O’Donnell seems to have an even bigger one, covered with a generous coating of sanctimony. Wiener, for all his faults, was exactly right in calling him out.

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  1. says

    I had MSNBC turned on last night while I was doing some reading, and was like, “What the f*** is this?!?” I found it just completely bizarre when O’Donnell started going off about how he hadn’t been critical of Wiener’s “photography.” I pretty much tuned out after that because I could see it was going to be a disaster.

  2. Sean (get rid of the imposter block system please) says

    Add that to the list of reasons for despising O’Donnell. I’m no fan of Wiener but that whole exchange was completely disgusting. Was there a relative question in there? You have to wonder who Wiener must have pissed off to get this meaningless grilling.

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