UK Boy Scouts to accept atheists

The Boy Scouts in the UK are going to make changes next week that will welcome atheists to their fold by creating a new oath for them (tentatively called the Atheist Promise) that leaves out god. The scouts had had different oaths to accommodate different religious beliefs but this is the first time they have created one for nonbelievers.

It would simpler if they had followed the UK Girl Guides who last week announced that they were giving up all references to god in their oath, so that everyone takes the same oath. But still, this is progress.

Meanwhile the Girl Scouts of Colorado accepted as a member a seven-year old transgender child, prompting calls for a boycott of girl scout cookies.


  1. raven says

    We did learn something from the US BSA-gays controversy.

    The xians and Mormons hate atheists more than gays or Moslems. Yeah, we are number 1 on their hate list.

    Hard to say when the BSA will change their To Hate list again. Probably when their finances start going downhill. They have high fixed costs with real estate and salaried employees and a declining membership. That isn’t sustainable.

    They should just make it local option. End of problem. The Mormons wouldn’t let atheists join but so what? No one in their right mind would want to join a Mormon troop anyway.

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