Same sex marriage to be legal in France in 2013

The new French government has said that it would implement one of its campaign promises and make same sex marriage and gay adoption legal, starting in 2013. The prime minister told parliament that “Our society is evolving, lifestyles and mentalities are changing.”

In the news report I found an interesting little tidbit.

A recent survey by pollster IFOP said that gays in France make up 6.5 percent of the electorate, compared with practising Catholics at 4.5 percent.

I had always thought of France as still a largely Catholic country and it still nominally is but the numbers who call themselves Catholic has dropped dramatically within a decade, from 80% in the 1990s to just 51% in 2007, and of that 51% half said that they don’t believe in god, and only 10% attend church regularly.

To find that only 4.5% are practicing Catholics in 2012 and that even gays outnumber them was a real surprise.


  1. psweet says

    An inspiring story to say the least, but what does it have to do with your title?

  2. Steve says

    France has a strict separation of church and state. One that – unlike the US – also extends to politics. When Civil Unions were debated, one MP waved around a Bible in parliament, which was widely criticized.

  3. melody says

    Can you put up a Twitter and Facebook share button so I can share your blog more widely?

  4. Paul Coyne says

    It should be the same in Scotland soon. We already have civil partnerships which have the same force in law as a marriage, but currently only mixed-sex couples can be married and only same-sex couples can get a civil partnership. The new law will end this arbitrary distinction and make both options available to any couple.
    Incidentally, the Humanist Society of Scotland performs more marriages here than the catholic church does! Put that in your pope and smoke it!!

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