Sex talk with Siri

I do not own an iPhone or a smart phone of any kind. When I first tried Siri on a friend’s iPhone when it came out, Siri had a tough time understanding me due to my accent (even though I am told I am relatively easy for people in the US to understand) and the experience was quite frustrating.

When my daughter came recently for a visit, I played around with her new iPhone to ask Siri some questions. The voice recognition software seemed to have got a lot better so we had some fun asking increasingly nonsensical questions and having Siri give occasionally snarky replies. But in response to one question, Siri replied, “I am very horny.”

We were so startled that we immediately stopped and asked each other “Did she really say that?” Since our questions had been quite devoid of any sexual allusions, we could not think of any reason why we would get that response or why the programmers would include it, unless someone thought it would be fun to include it to appear randomly on rare occasions.



  1. leftwingfox says

    Siri and I are not on speaking terms.

    For some reason, Siri does not support location services in Canada at all, which eliminates something like 80% of the useful/unique search abilities. Even when it CAN do something, it gets the command right maybe 1/3 of the time. Maybe I’ll try again when the new OS comes out, unless the GPS directs me off a bridge.

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