Battle of the billionaires

Rachel Maddow talks about how our elections have become proxy battles for billionaire interests. A large segment, starting at around the 3:00 mark, deals with Mitt Romney’s secretive national finance co-chair Frank VanderSloot whom I wrote about yesterday.

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I hope other major news outlets start reporting on VanderSloot’s activities too since that is the only way to stop such billionaire bullying.

Incidentally, Glenn Greenwald says that he has not heard from VanderSloot’s lawyers yet.


  1. Jeremy says

    Let’s christen Mr. VanderSloot as a modern-day “robber baron” and spread the meme far and wide.

  2. Amadan says

    English is a remarkable language: words can spring into existence or take on new meanings incredibly quickly – witness the words ‘santorum’, which now means “right-wing misogynistic nut-case” as well as its traditional frothy meaning.

    I wonder if something similar would ever happen to ‘vandersloot’?

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