A note on the comments policy

In order to reduce spam, I have a policy that the very first comment that is submitted must be approved by me. Once approved, that commenter is free to comment without prior approval.

This means, however, that I must judge if the first comment is genuine or not. So people who are commenting for the first time should make sure that it is relevant to the post that they are commenting on and does not look like it could be misjudged to have been generated by a spambot.

I have had to turn down some comments because they were too generic. If yours was one that was turned down by mistake, I apologize and urge you to resubmit with the above in mind.



  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I have had to turn down some comments because they were too generic.

    Meh. Whatever. I suppose.

  2. P Smith says

    Unfortunately, I was right when I said on your old blog that spammers (especially religious spammers) would inundate this blog after the move to FTB, and that some form of registration would be inevitable.

    That happens about once a year. Now I’ve got eleven months of being wrong to look forward to….


  3. says

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  4. Mano Singham says

    Sorry! In quickly going through the comments and deleting those that I thought were spam, I missed the humor in yours, which shows that it was pretty good. I have restored it.

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