1. Mary Jo says

    Mano, my friends who live in London are getting OUT! They are visiting me in Ohio! They despise that family (if you notice, I cannot bring myself to use the R. word when referring to Elizabeth and her brood)as much as I do.
    Mary Jo

  2. says

    Hi yes the fuss (and cost) is ridiculous for the Royal Wedding but also for the forthcoming Olympics. Unfortunately the UK is no longer an empire and cannot afford to compete with the big guns for such events as Olympics, oh and wars. Sorry just speaking my mind!

  3. says

    I think any other event for the Royals would receive a lot more bad feelings, but since William is young and he lost his Mum in the 90’s, people have a soft spot for him. Now, when Charles becomes King, that’s when people will be protesting!

  4. says

    It seems after the fact that a lot of Brits watched and were among the revelers. I am sure it was annoying hearing about it everyday, but at the end of it all its an event that gets to be seen. It is nice to see some traditions carried on for many years..past meeting present

  5. says

    Definitely sir, the hoopla which is a total waste of our time and interests diverts our attention albeit to the major issues now facing us and growing every minute sans the economic meltdown we are experiencing.

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