Swaggery swag swag

I know you’re poor. You’re planning to go to the Reason Rally by hopping a freight and camping under a freeway overpass; you can’t afford no pricey t-shirt. But how will we know that you are One of Us? Get a button, they’re cheap. Now available in the Pharyngula store is a selection of handy catchphrases in button form: Cupcake, The People’s Republic of Pharyngula, Raptor Jesus, and Your Concern is Noted.

Wait…you can’t afford a t-shirt, where are you going to stick these buttons? Now I’m picturing a mob of half-naked bloody-chested ferocious godless heathens descending on the media screaming, “Your concern is noted!” It will make good TV.

We planned it that way

It worked. Read Greta, Cuttlefish, Stephanie, Ophelia, Jason, Jen, JT, Sikivu, and Maryam, to name just a few, and you’ll see that our cunning scheme to assemble a network that was a flaming hotbed of decent human beings has come to fruition.

I did have an initial plan to use our time and effort to build a skull-shaped lair in a volcano on a tropical island instead, but I guess I’m glad we went with this one first.

The Free Will thread

Some people on the open thread, which is mainly about socializing, are complaining that it’s been taken over with tedious philosophizing about free will. There’s an easy solution: here’s a new thread just for anybody to talk about free will. Stick it here.

Myself, I don’t believe in free will — I think it’s an obsolete concept that confuses rather than clarifies, and would rather stay out of it.

Massimo Pigliucci has principles

He was given the opportunity to suckle at the teat of the Templeton Foundation, and he turned them down.

A few weeks ago I got an email from my book agent. She had been approached by an editor at a well known academic publishing house with a project she thought I would be interested in. Sometime later I met with the editor in question, a genial person with whom I clearly had quite a few interests in common. Nonetheless, a few days later I decided to turn down the offer and pursue other projects. The reason: the book, which would have been part of a series, was going to be produced as a joint venture by the academic press in question and the John Templeton Foundation.

In short, my reason for declining the book project is that I simply don’t like having my name associated with right wing and/or libertarian organizations like the JTF, the American Enterprise Institute or the Institute for American Values.

More scientists ought to join him in refusing to prop up the Templeton’s mystical agenda.