I am proud to be non-religious and non-Christian

Since this is what it means to be a religious Christian:

“We are a religious state. We are going to fight to keep that (LGBTQ) filth out of the state of Oklahoma, because we’re a Christian state.”

He makes a good case for keeping Christians out of the state government. That’s a very un-American sentiment, to claim that our government is sectarian and religious.

Reminder: here’s the “LGBTQ filth” he wants to eradicate.


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    This seems weird to me as a European:
    “Oklahoma State Senate elections, 2022
    General election
    The general election was canceled. Tom Woods won election in the general election for Oklahoma State Senate District 4.”
    (from Ballotopedia”

    Logically, you can’t win an election that didn’t happen.

  2. raven says

    Tom Woods supports the murder of children.

    I’m glad I’m an ex-xian.
    It was xians like Tom Woods that made me take a close look at the religion and leave it.

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    Comment (3) continued
    Maybe it just means nobody ran against him and he was elected unopposed? Again, that’s weird. In fact, downright suspicious, as a whole lot of Republicans got shoehorned into power in Oklahoma that year. Shakespeare’s State of Denmark’s got nothing on them.

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    Oklahoma government has deteriorated further since I was stationed there. Back then, the state legislators just attacked non-Christians generically, and the usual target was the whore of Rome and/or godless commies. (I may have been godless, but I was no commie!) Teh gays were so far in the wardrobe that they were wandering the Lantern Waste, kids didn’t have any concerns with sex, and “gender” was something in them furrin language classes that should never leave those classrooms. At least not as far as any government unit or government official was concerned.

    Frankly, I’m not sure which is worse: Overt or covert Klansmen running the place. Hmm, Klansmen in the closet…

  5. cartomancer says

    He looks like he has the IQ of a potato. I have heard more compassion from potatoes, however.

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    For several years, up until the start of the pandemic, I worked doing surveys by telephone. Oklahoma was, on occasion, the target of our calls.
    My impression of people from that part of the country was that they were nice, unfailingly polite, never rude or threatening. They didn’t hang up, swear, or threaten me as others did. Not even once.
    I guess that’s Oklahoma Nice. Polite to certain strangers on the phone, while secretly harboring desires to beat children to death.

  7. cheerfulcharlie says

    John 14:15
    If you love me keep my commandments.
    – Jesus Christ

    Mark 10, Luke 12, 14, 18, Matthew 19
    Sell all you have and give to the poor.
    – Jesus Christ

    How many true Christians do we really have in Oklahoma? Who truly love Jesus? And keep his commandments? Should we insist that the true Christian politicians get with Jesus’s program? Or shut up?

    Matthew 6:5-6
    Prayer is to be in private. Yeah, that commandment also.

  8. microraptor says

    I have a friend who’s a firefighter and Native American who routinely travels all over the country fighting wildfires in the summer. He’s said that he’s never been to a more racist place than Oklahoma.

  9. magistramarla says

    Like Jaws@ #6, we were stationed in Oklahoma when our children were young.
    Our kids were different because they were gifted. We had quickly found out that Oklahoma schools were a year behind the schools in our previous state. We went all the way to the superintendent in our futile attempt to get our oldest daughter (now a neuroscience PHD) placed in the next grade, or anything that might challenge her.
    He rudely put his feet up on his desk, leaned back, and said “I don’t know why y’all people from up north want to push your kids so hard.”
    That told us all we needed to know about Oklahoma public schools. We had to enroll her in the local Catholic school for any kind of challenge.

  10. says

    One time he gave a woman a black eye shortly after he won the primary. How would he like it if someone comes along and give this misogynous dirt bag a huge black eye bigger than the one he gave to the woman?

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    I am willing to risk becoming a personal target of those few commenters that are less civilized in order to reinforce the message of how hateful these rtwing xtian terrorsts are. I despise how many obscenely wealthy bigots are funding this take-over attempt by the xtian terrorists. I know a few have criticized Common Dreams in the past. But, below is a quote by the orange maggot not their opinion. And, there are similar articles on many credible news sites I’ve visited today.

    showing an image of Trump supporter wearing a “MAKE AMERICA PRAY AGAIN”
    ‘Theocratic Trump Tells Right-Wing Christians They Will Have Power at ‘Level You’ve Never Used Before” by Jon Queally Feb 24, 2024

    Nex Benedict was a decent person that did nothing to deserve their murder by a group of hateful rtwing groomed thugs. I am so sick of human society and it’s ever increasing, needless violence. Based on personal experience and a wealth of easy to find corroborative evidence, I must posit here (and elsewhere) that human society is mostly a failed experiment.

  12. Matt G says

    Why can’t these people settle for being corrupt? Why do they have to be the worst humanity has to offer as well?

  13. tedw says

    magistramarla@#16 “ That told us all we needed to know about Oklahoma public schools. We had to enroll her in the local Catholic school for any kind of challenge.”

    My grandmother went to the local Catholic school in Ardmore in the early 20th century. Since she was listed on the Dawes Rolls as 1/16th Chickasaw, I wonder if that kept the public schools from being an option. One day the KKK showed up to picket the school, chanting about “catlickers” and “papists”. My great-grandfather, a prominent rancher in town, wrote a letter to the editor condemning the cowards who hid behind masks and robes while scaring nuns and schoolchildren, The night after his letter was published, his barn burned down. Oklahoma has a long heritage of hate, towards all sorts of people.

  14. raven says

    Why can’t these people settle for being corrupt?

    They want power and money.

    Power and money are interchangable.

    If you have money, you have power or can buy power.
    If you have power, you can use that to get money.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that few politicians retire poor.

  15. raven says

    I am willing to risk becoming a personal target of those few commenters that are less civilized in order to reinforce the message of how hateful these rtwing xtian terrorsts are..

    I said the same long ago.

    The fundie perversion of xianity is just right wingnut politics with a few crosses stuck on for show.

    The crosses aren’t important any more.
    Which makes sense.
    Their sky monster god might exist but probably doesn’t, but power and money definitely do, are highly sought after, and quite useful.

  16. birgerjohansson says

    Matt G @ 19
    When David Duke ran for office against a notorious corrupt politician, one of the slogans against him was “vote for the crook, not the kook”.

  17. Akira MacKenzie says

    Oh fuck! Here comes more whitewashing of Christian’s tyrannical, blood-soaked history of bigotry and No True christian bullshit.

    It’s particularly disgusting when it comes from people who ought to know better.

  18. says

    As to racism in Oklahoma:

    For the last half of my incarcerationtour there, I was the Old Man. On more than one occasion, I had to go retrieve melaninically-enhanced subordinates from various local police departments after their arrests for DWBB (confirmed, in one instance, by a female melaninically-deficient passenger from the driver’s off-base church, which was no doubt an aggravating circumstance to DWBB).

  19. silvrhalide says

    Call me 405-521-5576

    Call him what? I can think of so many things. Let me unpack my adjectives…

    @17 Funny, my first thought upon seeing his picture was that he had an extremely punchable face… guess I’m not the only one who thought so.

    @9 The (American) South is like that too–their “bless your soul” really means “fuck you”. It’s why I’m happy that I live in the northern half of the US–we just skip right to the “fuck you”.

    @13, 21 Let’s not forget the Tulsa Race Massacre.


    How many true Christians do we really have in Oklahoma? Who truly love Jesus? And keep his commandments? Should we insist that the true Christian politicians get with Jesus’s program? Or shut up?

    None, apparently.

  20. says

    @raven, #22:

    They want power and money.
    Power and money are interchangable.
    If you have money, you have power or can buy power.
    If you have power, you can use that to get money.

    Only under capitalism, which does its best to ensure there is a hierarchy where those at the bottom do not have enough money, or enough power, to survive. There are other ways.

    Premise 1: We know exactly the minimum amount of fundamental resources — water, food, shelter, energy and healthcare — a person needs just to survive from day to day.
    Premise 2: We know exactly the total amount of residual labour (i.e., that which cannot be automated away) required to provide this minimal level of resources to the entire population and maintain the machinery which is doing the lion’s share of the work for us.
    Conclusion 1: Sharing this labour as fairly as possible among the entire population would allow us to create a base line for a society in which everyone has full access to all the necessities of day-to-day survival, in return for them providing a certain minimum amount of labour.

  21. StevoR says

    Wonder if this evil klown has ever heard of King David & Prince Jonathon & verses including :

    1 Samuel 20:17
    Jonathan made David swear again by his love for him, for he loved him with his whole being.

    Source : https://thebrickbible.com/legacy/david_vs_saul/jonathan_and_david/1s20_17.html


    1 Samuel 20:41
    They kissed each other.

    Source : https://thebrickbible.com/legacy/david_vs_saul/jonathan_and_david/1s20_41b.html
    Source :

    Also ominous as well as hateful similar to what TYT notes in their (16 minutes long) clip Right-Wing Activist BLATANTLY Calls For End To Democracy notingreichwing Christianist Jack Posobiec & Charlie Kirk’s recent comments.

  22. Silentbob says

    @ ^

    Dude, chill.

    To this day in that region a kiss on both cheeks is a totally normal greeting.

    You’re being parochial.

  23. birgerjohansson says

    I find it amusing that bigots in Merica are still fused with religious faith.
    In Britain – where the Tories have mostly disengaged with the Church of England for not being repressive enough- the hatred against poor, against immigrants and against various minorities is now a purely secular affair.

    I wish Sweden was an exception for the trend of bigotry becoming at least somewhat mainstream, but we have a xenophobe party (although the leader has purged members who are blatantly fascist, an admittedly low bar).

  24. birgerjohansson says

    Tom Woods looks a lot like Syrian president Assad. Is there a genetic marker for cruelty?

  25. StevoR says

    @31. Silentbob : So “normal” that the Bible (Torah) specifically emphasises it by recording it and then notes immediately afterwards :

    1 Samuel 20:41
    And they wept together until David exceeded.
    1 Samuel 20:42
    Jonathan said to David, ‘Go in peace, for we have sworn in the name of Yahweh that Yahweh will bond you and me and your descendants and my descendants forever.’

    Source : https://thebrickbible.com/legacy/david_vs_saul/jonathan_and_david/1s20_42a.html

    Then also elsewhere :

    1 Samuel 18:1
    When David had finished speaking with Saul, Jonathan become deeply attached to David, and loved him with his whole being.

    … (Snip – to)…

    1 Samuel 18:4
    Jonathan stripped himself of the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with all the clothes he was wearing, even his sword, his bow, and his belt.

    Source : https://thebrickbible.com/legacy/king_saul/jonathans_feelings_for_david/1s18_01.html

    Plus :

    2 Samuel 1:26
    ‘I grieve over you, my brother Jonathan. Your love was more dear to me than the love of a woman!’

    As well as other verses as well. Yeah “Normal” For whatever that particular nasty & generally inaccurate little word is worth.. Or rather not.

  26. StevoR says

    PBS Newshour coverage here :

    The recent death of nonbinary student Nex Benedict, who died one day after a physical altercation inside a school bathroom, has sent shockwaves throughout the LGBTQ+ community in Oklahoma.

    While it’s not clear whether the incident involved Nex’s gender identity, the 16-year-old’s family has said the teen endured months of bullying at Owassa High School. For Sarah Adams and other parents of queer kids, it has again raised the haunting question: “Where can we be truly safe?”

    The question takes on added weight in a state that has introduced more than 50 anti-LGBTQ+ pieces of legislation so far this year — more than any other state in the nation, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Oklahoma lawmakers pushed more than 40 bills in the previous session.

    Plus :

    Sue Benedict, Nex’s grandmother, told The Independent that Nex had been bullied for more than a year. She said it began after Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a new law that required trans students to only use bathrooms that aligned with their sex assigned at birth.

    In addition to :

    Four vigils are being planned around the state later this month in honor of Nex, including two in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City. Family and friends are remembering the teen for being a straight-A student, a gamer with a love for Minecraft and animals, especially for a pet cat named Zeus.

    Adams said Cousins plans on attending several of the events. The group wants to show up for Nex and let the family know they stand with them and will not be scared into hiding.

    Source : https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/after-nex-benedicts-death-lgbtq-oklahomans-vow-to-not-let-the-hate-take-over

    Hoping those sceheduled vigils will go welland not become targets of more hate and violence, sadly. Hope they won’t be intimidated and that this marks a turning point where the hate is stopped and things improve. Wish I could be more optimistic about that.

  27. raven says

    Where I used to live on the coast up north back in the Dark Ages, the local school district in the 1970s, set up an Alternative High School.

    The local high schools weren’t working for some of the kids.
    This was for kids who were being bullied, had dropped out, or were at risk of dropping out for some reason.
    A lot of those kids were gay, hippie kids, kids with ADHD, on the ASD spectrum, etc..
    The school district almost canceled it when all the very top ranked SAT students transferred to it. Being the top of your class academically can make you a target for bullying.

    The whole idea worked really well in keeping a lot of students in school so they could graduate high school.

    This was in the early-mid 1970s.
    Fast forward to 2024.
    That Alternative high school is still there and still doing what it was supposed to do.

    This kid Nex Benedict should never have been in Owasso High School for a year being bullied until they were murdered.

    About all I got out of watching this whole atrocity is that Oklahoma is full of haters and bigots.
    As PZ pointed out, if that is what being a xian state is, count me out.

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